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Quinceañera Centerpieces

Are you planning a Quinceañera? Wanderfuls has created beautiful and Unique Quinceañera Centerpieces and Favors for you! Call now for more Quinceañera Centerpiece Ideas! Wanderfuls are available in hundreds of color combinations to make your party something spectacular and uniquely different. Each favor in the centerpiece contains a gourmet candy filling of your choice. You can even inscribe your name and the date of your Quinceañera Party Celebration on your individual favors so the memory will last forever!

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Elegí Wanderfuls ya me ofrecieron una pieza central y un recuerdo al mismo tiempo ... lo que nos ahorramos un montón de dinero. Mis clientes me encantó!

- Jocelyn Rodríguez

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What are the candy options?

You get to choose from a variety of sweets or order empty to fill it with your own.

What if you want to design your own?

No worries! We have a state of the art design tool that will let you choose any available combination colors to personalize your centerpieces.

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