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Wanderfuls Centerpiece For Your Party

Welcome to Wanderfuls, home of the unique and memorable candy centerpiece for those once in a lifetime special events. If you're looking for something different that your guests have never seen before, Wanderfuls will delight your guests with decorative magic that they can take home and enjoy forever!

Designing Your Centerpieces

Wanderfuls Centerpieces are filled with delectable candy and wrapped in matching colorful ribbons, our Centerpieces provide exciting favors that your guests will rave about.

To create more magic, simply slide these unique candy favorsinto one of our specially designed holders and presto! Now you have a bouquet of favors that can double as your table centerpiece!

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Centerpieces Color Gallery

Wanderfuls centerpieces have enchanted our clients and their guests at hundreds of events. Our beautiful bouquets have set the mood at weddings, fundraisers, birthdays, anniversaries and award dinners.

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  • White and Pink Party Favors
  • Black and White Centerpieces
  • Lavender Wedding Party Favors
  • Pale Blue Wedding Party Favors
  • Mint and White Wedding Party Favor
  • Ivory and Forest Centerpiece

Customer Testimonial

Happy customers

"I chose Wanderfuls since it offered me a centerpiece and a souvenir at the same time, which saved us a lot of money. When I called Wanderfuls, I immediately received excellent customer service who walked me through designing my personalized centerpiece. The ease of having someone help you out and guide you through the entire process made it even a greater experience. I loved the fact that I had the flexibility of having 8 wands per arrangement since I had 8 guests per table.

My guests loved it since it was so unique and more importantly, each guest brought home a wand filled with white chocolate mint candies. It was amazing! Thank you again!- Jocelyn Rodriguez

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