Make the most memorable Anniversary Centerpiece!
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Anniversary Centerpieces

Your Anniversary Centerpieces will stand out from all the rest, making yours the most memorable Anniversary Party of the year. Wanderfuls Unique Anniversary Centerpiecesare available in hundreds of color combinations and various sizes, and can be filled with your choice of gourmet fillings.

Wanderfuls are customizable!

Create your own personalized Anniversary Centerpiece with Wanderfuls. They will look stunning on your tables and cost less than a traditional centerpiece! Your Anniversary Centerpiece Decorations will delight your guests. Call now to speak to a Wanderfuls Anniversary Designer.


What are the candy options?

You get to choose from a variety of sweets or order empty to fill it with your own.

What if you want to design your own?

No worries! We have a state of the art design tool that will let you choose any available combination colors to personalize your centerpieces.